About us

Why use self-adhesive medical devices?

Medical adhesives are invisible essentials in the medical industry. It makes life of healthcare workers and patients a lot easier and comfortable. Most common are medical devices such as; surgical tape, incise film and wound care products. It is our mission to facilitate these products with the highest quality and efficiency in each possible shape and size.

How to reduce SSI?

Surgical-site infections are an important health care problem for patient’s and a high level cost-driver for hospitals. They may result in significantly more post-surgical complications, lengthier hospital stays and increased mortality. To minimize hospital acquired infections the entire supply chain should aim for only high quality custom procedure packs.

Special requirements

The demand for self-adhesive medical devices is not limited to surgical procedures only. Our R&D team specializes in all sorts of medical adhesive applications e.g. wound care products, construction tape and customized solutions are gladly explored to expand your product portfolio and improve the quality of healthcare.


Why use Somed products?

Every hospital has particular necessities when it comes to surgical packs. We offer expertise, flexibility and on-site assistance to fulfil those requirements together with our customers. You need the highest quality of self-adhesive accessories to finish your surgical drapes. Be sure that our CE marked and MDR compliant products are easy to integrate in any custom procedure pack.

All our standard products are:
✓ class I non-sterile medical devices
✓ made in Europe
✓ in accordance with the latest ISO 13485 standards